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    101.3 KDWB, along with McDonald's, presents Reading Rocks; a program dedicated to getting your students excited about reading! Is your class in the middle of tackling a tough novel? Are you holding any reading contests? Do you dedicate time every week to reading? Maybe you have a student who has come a long way with his/her reading goals. Whatever you're doing to get your class excited about reading, we want to know about it.

    Teachers, nominate your class for the Reading Rocks class of the month and KDWB's Big D and McDonald's could be stopping by your school to reward you and your class just for reading!

    Tell us why your class should be the Reading Rocks Class of the month. Click the "Submit Entries" at the left. (things to include would be: what your class is reading, if you have any standout students or success stories, hours spent reading, etc.)

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